The Pop-Jet Fountain is open (10AM-5PM daily, weather permitting).
Today's hours: 10am-7pm
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Promenade Saucon Valley (the ”Center”), including its parking lot and open areas, is private property. The following Code of Conduct is set forth for the purpose of protecting the Center’s legitimate business interests and any violation of the Code interferes with the commercial nature and function of the Center. As a visitor on this property, you and customers are prohibited from engaging in any of the following activities while on this property:

  • Using physical force, obscene language, obscene gestures, or racial, religious, or ethnic slurs, which are likely to create a disturbance or impinge on the hearing or peace of other patrons.

  • Physically or verbally threatening any person, fighting, annoying others through noisy or boisterous activities; by unnecessary staring, following another person through the Center, or by using sexually explicit language or conduct, or in any other way creating a disturbance, which interferes, disrupts, or endangers the Center's patrons, or its commercial function.

  • Running, skating, skateboarding, bicycling, obstructing, or interfering with the free flow of pedestrian traffic or with patrons' view of windows and tenant displays, or assembling for the purpose of disturbing the peace or committing any unlawful act.

  • Creating litter by throwing, discarding, or depositing any paper, glass, or other matter of any kind on the property, except in designated trash receptacles.

  • Defacing, damaging, or destroying real or personal property constituting part of or located in or on the Center and belonging to the Center, its patrons, or its tenants, including writing, spraying, scratching, or otherwise affixing graffiti on such property.

  • Yelling, screaming, singing, playing of musical instruments, radios or tape players, or otherwise communicating in a manner, which creates noise of sufficient volume to impinge on the hearing or peace of patrons of the Center.

  • Engaging in non-commercial expressive activity without the proper written permission of the management of the Center.

  • Soliciting money or other contributions or donations, or distributing commercial advertising or promotional material of any kind, or offering samples of items, which are sold, available for sale, or available in exchange for a donation or contribution, except with the prior written permission of the management of the Center.

  • Failing to be fully clothed or wearing apparel that is likely to provoke a disturbance or embroil other groups or the general public in open conflict.

  • Sitting on floors, planters, handrails, or trash receptacles.

  • Possessing any open can, bottle, or other receptacle containing any alcoholic beverage is prohibited, except during designated events, in designated areas and by approved vendors. No alcohol of any kind may be brought from off site for consumption on property.

  • Loitering, delaying, lingering or remaining idle about the property without any useful business for being present.

  • No weapons or other items which may be used to harm any person may be brought into the Center - including without limitation, guns, knives, swords, laser pointers and the like. Law enforcement authorities will be contacted if a violation is brought to the attention of Center management.

  • Engaging in any unlawful activity or behavior.

If you fail or refuse to follow this Code of Conduct, you will be asked to leave the property and if appropriate, the authorities will be contacted. If you fail or refuse to leave the property, you may be arrested and prosecuted for criminal trespass.


To ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all guests, the rules listed below must be followed:

  • All dogs must be leashed or contained inside a carrier at all times. Leashes must be no longer than 6' including retractable leashes.

  • Dogs must be under the direct control of their owners at all times. Owners must be eighteen years of age or older, and by law are responsible for the behavior of their dogs.

  • At no time is an owner permitted to leave his or her dog unattended.

  • Dogs are not permitted to enter any restaurants or food related stores, unless they are service-oriented dogs.

  • Dog owners are required to pick-up and properly dispose of the feces of their dogs.

  • Dogs are not permitted to urinate on buildings or hard-scapes.

  • Dogs must be licensed in the jurisdictional area that they reside and have a current vaccination for rabies.

  • If at any time, management of Promenade Saucon Valley determines that the behavior of a dog is causing disturbance to others or the dog is acting aggressively, the owner will be asked to remove his or her dog from the premises.

  • Dog owners are required to comply with the laws, rules, and regulations of the state of Pennsylvania and local codes relating to dogs.

  • Dog-friendly stores will have a sticker on their door or window to indicate that dogs are welcome inside. These stores may have additional rules.