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Earth Day

Monday, April 22nd

Join us at Promenade Saucon Valley for an exciting Earth Day celebration, extending through April! All month long, enjoy several engaging activities and events designed to celebrate our planet and promote sustainability:

Saturday, April 20th | 11 AM - 3 PM

Earth Day Fest with L.L. Bean at The Patio (in store in case of inclement weather)

  • Seed Planting Kits

  • Free Lemonade

  • Giveaways for pets

  • Bracelet making in store

Monday, April 22nd | 10 AM - 12 PM

Activities at Town Square presented by Lehigh Valley Health Network:

  • Plant Potting Station provided by LandCare

  • Flower Planting Station provided by Starbucks

  • Enter for a chance to win: We'll be giving away 5 Promenade Branded Stanley Cups - come to Town Square to enter for a chance to win one!

FD Market Earth Month Initiatives:

All month long, stop by the Lehigh Valley's one-stop shop for sustainable goods to check out all of the fun activities they'll be doing for Earth Month:

  • Earth Day Every Day Photo Booth
  • Earth Month Bingo: Pick up a bingo card at the shop and check off Earth-friendly activities all month long. Bring it back to the shop (or send a pic!) to enter an Earth Day Giveaway!

  • Seed Bomb Station: For just $5, create your very own native wildflower seed bomb.

  • 7 Days of Sustainable Swaps: Learn about and enjoy daily deals on various sustainable products leading up to Earth Day. Be sure to follow along on Instagram!

Planet vs. Plastics

While plastic has many useful and vital applications, we have become overly dependent on single-use plastic that largely ends up in landfills and waterways, posing threats to human health and the environment.    

Meteoric Rise of Single-Use Plastics: 

  • Synthetic plastics are almost entirely produced by fossil fuels  

  • The availability of fossil fuels provides product manufacturers with an alternative to using non-fossilized materials, like wood, metal, cotton, and animal bone 

  • Plastic’s durability and flexibility make it functional for a wide range of applications 

  • Since the 1950s, humans have produced more than 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic  

  • Nowadays, single-use plastic makes up 50% of all plastic production  

The Plastic Pollution Crisis: 

  • Plastic never fully breaks down, so plastic trash has been piling up for decades  

  • 79% of all plastic ever created still sits as trash in landfills or the environment  

  • More than 14 million tons of plastic pollute our oceans annually  

  • Microplastics have entered our food web and can be found in human bodies 

  • Humans are estimated to consume over 40 pounds of plastic in their lifetime 

  • Toxic microplastics in humans can release detrimental hormone disrupting chemicals 

Taking Action: 

  • Reduce single-use plastic consumption by going reusable wherever possible – water bottles, shopping bags, and containers are good places to start  

  • Shop locally to reduce the amount of packaging associated with your consumption habits   

  • Go from ownership to usership, and see how you can share items with others where appropriate 

SEE Centennial

As Earth Day celebrations get underway, it’s also important to note the many ways in which Promenade Saucon Valley and its management company, Centennial, have been responsible stewards of the environment in Center Valley. Centennial created its “SEE Centennial” program to help lead the properties it manages toward the goal of making the next evolution of each shopping center a greener one. SEE Centennial was built on the three cornerstones of Sustainability, Efficiency and the Environment, something each of the company’s owned or managed shopping centers is encouraged to embrace.