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How to Elevate Your Holiday Decor

By Laura Leiva
Instead of spending exorbitant amounts of money on décor, there are plenty of ways to incorporate elements of holiday magic into any room. Here are some of the best ways to elevate holiday décor this season:

·       Consider adding texture to décor: Adding a bit of ribbon or florals to existing holiday décor is one way to elevate the style. From weaving holly berries into a garland or using ribbon to hang ornaments, incorporating new textures is a simple and quick way to give décor new life. 
·       Go beyond traditional colors: Sure, green and red is the quintessential holiday combination, but consider doing something different this holiday season. Shades of blush, champagne, soft blue, copper – these are just some of the options for adding more color to the space.  
·       Bring the outside indoors: Don’t spend lots of money revamping your holiday decorations if you don’t want to. Instead, go outside and find ways to bring the colors and textures of the season indoors. 
·       Start with a theme: Elevate holiday décor by using them with purpose! Instead of hanging up everything from the storage box, look for ways use certain pieces as part of a themed look. You might choose to bring in more natural elements or opt for something cozy and classic – then use décor that complements the theme.
·       Don’t get too stuffy: Leveling up holiday décor doesn’t mean you can’t do what feels nostalgic or heartwarming for you. Always incorporate your favorite holiday pieces into your décor and don’t be afraid to use them throughout the house, rather than just a living space. 

Ready to get decorating for the holiday season? Try out some of these ideas to take your space to the next level (without spending too much money!).